End-to-end seamless solutions for user onboarding and identification

Document Verification
  • Once the user uploads a document our OCR identifies the document type and extracts relevant data for verification.
  • We do multiple level checks to ensure the document uploaded is genuine and valid.
  • We make the onboarding process frictionless with additional services like auto-fill for forms.
Biometric Facial Recognition
  • We ensure that the document uploaded belongs to the user with biometric facial recognition. This protects you and your users against stolen IDs and identity thefts.
  • Based on the selfie and document image match Verizy gives you an identity score.
  • We alert you on the possibility of fraud attempts like the image of the photo on the id, printed photo, screenshots, etc.
Risk Management with multiple data point checks
  • Verizy assists you with government database cross-reference checks.
  • We retrain user data to alert you about fake documents which improve verification efficiency.
  • Verizy alerts you on de-deduplication to protect your user's digital identity as well as saves you time on identifying the same user multiple times.
Analytics and Reporting
  • Receive onboarding analytics across platforms, regions and customer segments
  • Threshold management for document & face recognition
  • Prevention of data leaks and theft by access control and permission management.